AHAM Certification Programs
AHAM Certification Programs have been an important part of AHAM services since the Association’s inception. The programs provide a uniform and practical verification of energy, volume and certain performance criteria for each product, with an independent laboratory performing the verification testing. AHAM is recognized by the EPA as an Administrative Body approved to administer verification testing for purposes of the ENERGY STAR program.  Products may be selected at any time for verification testing, ensuring the product’s energy consumption rating is consistent with the measured energy consumption.

How the Program Works
Appliance manufacturer participation in the program is voluntary and independent of AHAM membership. Any manufacturer that distributes appliances in the United States and/or Canada can participate. AHAM’s air cleaner program is open to manufacturers or brand owners that distribute beyond the United States and/or Canada. Each manufacturer submits its certified values to the independent testing laboratory for incorporation into a directory of certified products.  Products are randomly selected and tested at an independent testing laboratory. A product’s volume or size, energy, and for some products, performance criteria are verified.  AHAM Procedural Guides for each program are available by following the links below. 

AHAM Air Cleaner Certification 
           - Air Cleaner Certification Program Procedural Guide

Kitchen Range Hood Certification